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We serve homestyle Indian and Bombay street food to Duluth, GA.

We pride ourselves on our soft piles of blistered, piping hot naan bread, plump, juicy garlic chicken, slathered in a tangy chili sauce, paired with a bright green salad; and spicy, tender lamb stir-fried with coconut and curry leaves.

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  • Garlic Naan
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Kim R.

FYI name of location is 'Currylicious" not Name stated on yelp - they are aware of error and in process of correcting this. Amazing food & Amazing Owners !!!! All food is homemade fresh when u order it ! The Mrs Owner listened to exactly what our taste buds were and prepared an amazing 3 dishes !  You have to try the fried cauliflower in brown gravy sauce - EXCELLENT!   Chicken is tender in two other dishes we ordered and free appetizer you get when you are seated is awesome.  Water is even fresh and iced cold !  Nothing bad I can say about this place !!!! Do not pass through town without checking this place out - if it looks closed that's the banquet room / they are open till 10pm.  And if no one is there, don't be scared - you will not regret the food or service !!!!!


Daniel B.

Currylicious has one of the best Indian lunch buffets I've tried in metro Atlanta. Weekday lunch is .99 and is served Tuesday-Friday, 11am-2:30pm. Weekend lunch is .99 and is served Saturday-Sunday, 12pm-3:30pm. We visited for Sunday lunch and enjoyed it. All of the buffets items were fresh and flavorful.Along with the restaurant's main dining room, which seats about 30+, the business has a separate room for large groups and private events. There's a patio, but there wasn't any furniture on it during our visit. The restaurant is located in a small strip mall (Satellite Commons) near the intersection of Satellite Blvd and Duluth Hwy (120) near Sugarloaf Mills (I-85 exit 108 - Sugarloaf Pkwy). It's a solid 30-minute drive from intown.Here's what was on the buffet (using the restaurant's item descriptions):* Butter naan* Pakora (fritters)* Rice* Dal tadka (lentils)* Vegetable biryani* Masala okra* Pakoda kadhi* Chole (chickpeas)* Paneer tikka masala* Raita* Panipuri (all ingredients to make your own)* Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions)* Rice pudding* Lentil wafers (papadum)* Tandoori chicken* Chicken biryani* Chicken curry* Butter chicken* Goat curry* Gulab jamunI tried everything and everything was good. I think this was my first time trying pakoda [sic] kadhi. I think they meant to write "pakora" instead. This dish consisted of deep-fried pakora fritters in a light brown/yellow chickpea gravy. It was tasty and full of flavor. Aromatic too. In general, this was the case for most of the dishes on the buffet, especially those that contained curries, gravies, or sauces.Memorable and/or favorite dishes for me included the masala okra, paneer tikka masala, panipuri, tandoori chicken, chicken biryani, and rice pudding. The masala okra dish consisted of chopped okra cooked in a variety of spices. This dish was spicy. I'm used to eating palak paneer (spinach and paneer cheese) and chicken tikka masala, but not paneer tikka masala. Currylicious' paneer tikka masala was creamy and terrific. More Indian restaurants should serve this.They had a panipuri station so you could make your own panipuri. Puri are round, hollow crisps that you poke a hole into and fill with flavored water (pani) and other ingredients like potatoes, onions, and chutney. The water was cilantro-mint-flavored and the chutneys included tamarind and mint. Delicious! Eat them whole.For a buffet, the tandoori chicken was surprisingly tender and moist. I liked that the pieces weren't too big. The chicken biryani was my favorite of the three rice dishes. It was soft, fluffy, appetizing, and the most savory of the three. The kheer (rice pudding) was sweet and comforting. It was a nice dessert, as was the gulab jamun, which was super sweet. I equate gulab jamun to eating donut holes that have been saturated/soaked in syrup. Incredibly rich.The butter chicken (boneless) was also very good. It must have been a popular item because they kept running out. Currylicious' raita (yogurt) contained a lot of vegetables and was cold, tart, and refreshing.Seating and service were a bit awkward for our large group. We were seated in the event space and they pushed two round tables together, making the middle seats awkward. Mini bottles of chilled water (cool, but not ice cold) were available self-serve from two bins inside the room. There was no ambiance to speak of. The room was plain Jane except for a notably nice chandelier. No music. The main dining room (and bar) looked better with nicer furniture and decor. The event space had banquet-type furniture. Clean restaurant.When we were finished with our plates, we would place them on another table where they would get taken away.In summary, Currylicious has a wonderful and affordable lunch buffet that is definitely worth checking out.


Ashley J.

Great Indian spot! I bookmarked this place a long time ago, so when we were in the area I knew I wanted to come here for dinner. The owners were great! They made suggestions since we wanted to branch out and try a few new dishes. The Manchurian cauliflower we got as an appetizer was my least favorite. It had a good flavor, but know it has Chinese influences and is not a typical Indian dish. It was a little too saucy and a little salty for mytaste.The star of the show was our entrees: goat rogan josh and chicken shahi korma. I asked for my dish spicy and they made it perfectly! It was a great change of pace from the typical butter chicken or chicken tikka masala! My fiancé enjoyed his dish as well. The goat on the bone takes some work--so he said next time he would probably opt for a different meat...but he really liked it! I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for some good Indian food and attentive service.


Jamarcus T.

I'm kinda kicking myself now because I lived about 5 minutes from Currylicious Indian Restaurant for over three years and didn't bother visiting until a group of 15 of us came...AFTER I moved away.For lunch we all were treated to their buffet ( with tip included).  I don't usually expect much from buffets, but man, practically every dish I pulled off the buffet line was delicious!  Here's what I tried on the buffet line and how many servings I had of each:Butter naan x 3 servingsPakora Fritters x 1Pakoda Kadhi x 1Masala Okra x 1Paneer Tikka Marsala x 3Goat Curry x 1Butter Chicken x 2Chicken Curry x 1Rice Pudding x 3Tandoori Chicken x 1Stand outs to me were the Paneer TIkka Marsala (I thought Paneer was tofu, but it's actually cheese) and butter chicken, both of which had great rich savory textures and really great flavors.  I got seconds on both of these.  The Rice pudding was also really good, not super sweet, and helped settle your mouth down when there were too many spices going on.  I got three servings of the rice pudding!The only dish I didn't like was the goat curry, which was a little stringy and gamey to me, although the flavor wasn't bad.Customer service was not only accommodating (constantly checking on us, providing bottles of water for us, etc) but friendly, funny and super eager to take our pictures to put them on Facebook.  Hey, they've got their self promotion down!  Parking is shared in a small restaurant strip, but also is not a problem to find a space. Exiting out onto Satellite boulevard in either direction isn't much of a problem either.I do wish i'd come here sooner, but now that I know how great food is at Currylicious, i'm sure i'll find myself back here. Hope you get to check them out!


Kiran T.

Currylicious Indian Restaurant offers a traditional Indian menu and lunch buffet, Al-a-crate, plus craft beers, Indian local beers and wines. The management is awesome. The owner Azym is from Bombay, India who is very friendly. This is a home style cooking which offers a traditional Indian menu and Lunch Buffet from the esteemed Chefs Fateema & Azym Hooda.The food is authentic, fresh and affordable. Ample free parking is available in front of the restaurant. Their weekly buffet is .99 + Taxes and weekend buffet is .99 + Taxes. craft beers on Tuesdays to Thursdays. Buffet was fresh and clean. Service was perfect, just right amount of help and privacy. Great variety and nice ambiance. They have seating for large groups/parties also available.The menu consists of a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian food. The cuisine is basically called as Mughlai - cooking style used in Northern India, with a heavy influence of Bombay type of cooking. There is a variety of appetizers, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, different types of curries, tandoori (clay oven) items, a variety of rice items for entrees, and a decent selection of dessertsThey have a full bar as well (although we haven't tried anything yet) with selection of famous Indian beers.The Chicken Tikka Masala has my completely addicted and I enjoy a lot of the other dishes, especially the vegetable korma, chicken 65 and tandoori chicken. The appetizer Pani Puri is outstanding. They have great desserts like Gulub Jammun and Rice Pudding. Their mango lassi is a little thick for the taste, but they garnished it with a pinch of saffron which was a nice touch and rich in taste.A Go-to place if you want yummy, freshly made flavorful Indian cuisine. No artificial food colors added. You can smell the aromatic flavors. I Highly recommend Currylicious for anybody looking for an authentic Indian experience in the area.


Rania G.

This is some of the best Indian food I've ever had. When we went, we were not even super hungry, but we had a show at 7:30 and we needed to eat beforehand. I got the chicken korma, a personal favorite that I always get. The flavors were perfect, just the right balance of everything. I found myself eating with fervor as if I hadn't eaten for days. My friend got the chicken tikka masala, and loved his too. I will say though that the korma was so good, he couldn't stop eating mine. Even the white rice was more interesting than I usually see at other establishments. The only problem, which was not their fault, was that we were in a rush to get to the show on time. The ambience in here is not "feed 'em and street 'em", so we had to nudge a lot to speed things along. So my point is, this place is designed for you to come and leisurely enjoy a delicious meal (which should be how we enjoy every meal). Don't come in a rush and then get annoyed at the slow service - plan on sitting down to a warm and inviting family & friends dinner around conversation and wonderful food. If you like Indian food (or spices other than salt), I promise you should try the food here. I will be back when I can really bask in the glory of the saucy flavors.


Andrea M.

Went here with the bf for the Indian buffet. The price wasn't too bad at per person (weekend rate). If you come close to the opening hours of operation then the crowd isn't bad. Even afterwards, people came and left quickly as they chose the buffet too. Regardless, this place is huge as they have ballroom-sized rooms towards the sides and back. The buffet choices weren't extensive, but enough for a few plates of food variations. They didn't have lamb or the yogurt chicken, but maybe they change it up.Parking was plentiful as the complex wasn't really busy.


Katie H.

For our last night visiting ATL we opted for Indian. It was a Wednesday night and our party of five arrived right when they re-opened at 5p. We were seated immediately and began to pour over the menu. Hubby decided to start with the Mango Lassi. Our waiter (slash possibly an owner??) told us how it was made with nothing but yogurt and mangoes - no other syrups and not watered down. And we believe him! It tastes simple and fresh. It is very thick and practically a meal in itself, so you might want to share. For dinner we shared the Saag Paneer and the Lamb Shahi Korma, both with "regular" spice (you can choose from mild, regular, medium and hot). While the Saag did have a very generous portion of Paneer, I was disappointed by the lack of flavor in the dish and overall. However, the Korma was great! The sauce wasn't completely smooth (as I've had before) and you could see actual chunks of onion in it. The lamb was cooked nicely - tender and not too chewy. Lastly, we shared a plate of Garlic Naan with the table. While it wasn't as thick and fluffy as most naan I've had, it was absolutely delicious! It still had a nice chew and lots of flavor!


Sandy J.

Impression: I really like this place! I didn't know it was right by my place, but it's super high ratings are well deserved. the flavors here are never blend and the colors of each option is so colorful and artistic that you will want to snap pictures of your food. The vegetarian and non vegetarian options here are solid. I am glad that even during lunch time, nothing tastes watered down or warmed up, unlike some places. I do wish they had more dessert options besides the sticky hot donut balls, but you can't beat the other offerings!Vegetarian OptionsI really really like their okra. I think it's such a unique offering that most other indian buffets do not have and this one is super well done. Well flavored, roasted kinda feel, and yet the greenness of the okra stays. I think their veggies stir fry is also solid and their paneer is perfectly seasoned in a tomato sauce that doesn't taste too diluted after awhile. IT makes sense why people are fishing for this paneer after a while, bc this paneeer goes fast!! The rice is also soft and fluffy. Good basmati rice and there's an option with herbs and spices that also makes gorgeous photos. They also have this popped seeds flat cracker like crisps that are delicious and taste great dipped in the tomato paneer sauce. Their naan here is also good. Not too doughy like Panahar. Not too buttery. I wished they had a soup option like Poona that has a delicious Mulligatawny soup, but otherwise it's all good. MeatsTheir tandoori is well done. Tender and tastes fresh from an oven. not too dry and not too bland.  The redness and the clay baking can be tasted- if they put yogurt to marinate, they did a great job b/c its' super tender. The curry chicken and other curries are also perfectly seasoned. Goat curry seems super popular here. Lunch crowds pile that stuff and it's gone in seconds!! Service: It's a more quiet mom pop feel here. Most places, it will be obvious who's the waitor/staff because they kinda hang around and then when they do take your plates, you know they did it. Somehow, this place has the stealthiest and most quiet service here. The plates "disappear" and it's kinda nice b/c you don't get interrupted in your conversations... somehow. So I like that. I would commend great service, but I never "see" the service so Idk! But it's quiet and super fast! Ambiance- this used to be Yamoto sushi, and the new owners didn't add too much interior change. So you have that high beam, black and white square Japanese restaurant feel, giving this place kinda a sophisticated feel. However, I really do wish they would add a bit more decorations to make this place feel more festive and match the food they serve. It's a little disconcerting to look around and feel you're in  Japanese place but eating delicious indian food.


Anurag A.

This is an over-hyped and over-rated placed. I went with my friend after reading the good reviews on yelp. The place is managed by the owners. Someone mentioned that the restaurant's food is close to Mumbai street food but after tasting the food it was no where near to the Mumbai street food. The place is expensive as the the small cup of Raita is . In the beginning the owners were very friendly and they were helpful with explaining the items on the menu. But after providing the feedback of our order, the tone of the owners changed drastically.We ordered "Cauliflower 65" and it was the worst "Cauliflower" dish I tasted in my life. I won't think I will give another chance to this restaurant. I have better options in and out of Duluth region.


Christopher W.

When that special someone has a hankerin' for Indian food, I pretty much am ready for an adventure. The staff took very, very good care of us, and the food was amazing. It is always so nice to have lots of vegetarian options, and this restaurant provided great food at a reasonable price.One nice thing about the entire experience is that the restaurant is... well... pleasant. No harsh music, good lighting, clean menus, and even good advice from the wait staff. It's hard to describe, but I would definitely go back here again with friends.


Paul K.

"Let's skip out on the wiki facts and focus on the food. I'm trying to find out what to order on the Yelp app before the server gets back."[Time & Date of visit]: Weekday evening[Party Size]: 10+[Location/Ambiance]:Though the parking lot was filled, I believe most of the patrons were seated on the right of the restaurant. While a MeetUp group that I decided to attend with were seated on the left. Where, I guess the buffet that is served on other days. Decor is more minimalist, or at least what it felt like in the dining room where our group was seated at. Ambiance is casual.[Service]:The older woman serving us, really doesn't hold back on her opinions. So fair warning if you get butt hurt easily. Kind of like how your mom likes to embarrass you when company or your friends are over for dinner. Though there were was another food runner, it seems the older woman was primarily taking care of us. After the majority of our group got their food, the owner / manager came out to ask us how was everything. [Food Highlights]:Chicken lollipops - Large chicken drum sticks, cooked just enough for the skin to get that crispy texture while still retaining the glaze. Each piece has the skinnier portion wrapped in aluminum foil to make this an easy hand held appetizer. Our older server heavily requested that we dip or spoon some of the accompaning sauce on it, which had a little kick. Pretty good. Kathi Roll - (w/ Chicken) - the best way I can describe this thing... It's an Indian chimichanga. Sans any cheese sauce. I think my friend who ordered this asked for mild, so it wasn't too spicy. But it's very filling and should be shared. It's ok.Punjabi Samosa - Not the best samosas I've ever had but overall pretty good. Two large samosas per order. The chutney that was included didn't really wow me too much, I preferred to use the one that came with the chicken lollipops. Pretty good.Lamb Boti - I was hoping for a little more, but the lamb was a little over cooked and the tenderness wasn't very present on certain pieces. Don't let the description fool you. You don't taste anything like ketchup for the marinade. A little hesitant to recommend, maybe if you aren't with a large group so that it's not rushed. Tikka Masala w/ Lamb - I think this staple dish at all Indian restaurants is the basis if their food is good or night. Kind of like Pad Thai noodles at a Thai Restaurant. And don't worry, their version is good. Worth a try. {Summary}:I think for the area, Curryliscious appeals to all ethnics willing to give Indian food or just this restaurant a try. I think I would have to go again just to see if the food is consistent or just overcooked due to the large size of our group. 3 stars for now until my next visit.


Erica G.

I have a bitter, sweet taste of this place. I had never had Indian food, so I was very excited to try it & also had a high expectation based on these reviews, but I was disappointed. The food was okay, but I figured Indian food would have more spices & herbs & to my tasting it was pretty bland. I went for the lunch buffet, it was .00 with very little options. I would say give another Indian place a try.


Luke T.

Average spot for weekday lunch.I stopped by for lunch and it was OK. We came in early and found them partially busy and understaffed.Several items on the lines were empty and needed to be refilled. That kinda bums me out cos I was hoping to get into the mutton curry and nothing was in there except sauce.  Same for the Paneer, same for the Butter chicken..  So, I was left with biryani rice and tandoori chicken.. kinda mehThe service fell short.  Definitely understaffed. I like my food spicy but please have water ready when I start to eat and server was not there to bring the first cup of water. Come on... spicy food.. bring water?and the line was filled after I had my fill of rice and other stuff. I did go back for some mutton... but it was cold.  Seems like they simply dumped some chunks of cold mutton into the sauce.. .. wow.. really?


Christina R.

First time having authentic Indian food and this place definitely packs their dishes with lots of herbs to get the right flavor. I have a low tolerance for spicy food and even their "regular" was spicy for me but it didn't stop me from eating. The food was amazing. The place is definitely spacious with ballroom area for big groups (we had 13 people). Also, the owners definitely take pride in their cooking and provided quick service for our group. We came on a Saturday night and it wasn't busy.


Eric T.

Currylicious isn't just a catchy name you know! This place delivers when it comes to some authentic Indian homestyle cuisine. The restaurant is really classy when it comes to decoration with dark wood tones and lighting that gives the entire place a nice ambiance and welcoming atmosphere (some pics included below). They have ample seating for a decent amount people, they also have a banquet hall that can be used for any special events like parties or just a private get together.  Now don't let the name of the restaurant fool you, curry isn't the only thing they serve here. The menu is full with most of the traditional Indian dishes you would find at most Indian restaurants and homes. They also have some dishes that are from other parts of Asia as well. Check out the link to the menu below for more details. I personally like the lunch buffet for all the options it offers to customers. Of course they have both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, so all sorts of eaters are welcome. Definitely give some of the tandoor dishes a try, which are cooked from a clay oven. The staff here is outstanding, they are very polite and attentive to your needs. They will help you understand each of the dishes if you are unsure on what they are. Just ask for a recommendation and they'll give you one that they think would best fit your tastes. Currylicious, a great place for Indian food,with a welcoming atmosphere accompanied by excellent customer service and a well trained staff. Give it a shot! Lunch or dinner, you can't go wrong! My Recommendations:-Lunch Buffet () (11AM-3PM Weekdays) (12PM-4PM Weekend)-Mango LassiMenu:mycurrylicious.com/new-p…


Tucker B.

They failed their county food inspection in May 2016 with a score of 21/100. The inspector's report confirmed our suspicions: Things like food kept beyond expiration, food stored at wrong temperature.  Other things like no hot water and soap for hand washing and insects.Amazing that they have 4.5 stars. The rating is obviously manipulated.Stay away.


Qiaoyi X.

This review is based on lunch buffet I had today. It was a bad decision to have lunch buffet in 2. They didn't refill anything at that point.I came in around 2PM, most plates are almost gone. I had to take a lot of sauce and oil to get the real content, meat or veggie. Chicken Biriyani and butter naan were good. Other than that, I couldn't remember anything. I felt I was kind of eating leftovers. Decor: Inside, it looked clean and newly opened. Black tables and chairs, and a TV in the front playing fishing program. Service: they filled my water and asked about my experience. The service was good.I heard about Currylicious from my colleague, who said they were clean and nice. So imagine how disappointed I am. Had I had another visit, I would try their dishes and change the rating. They may deserve more. The lunch buffet price is .99 instead of .99.


Janos J.

Stopped here for dinner on Friday night during the (NSCA) Southeastern Conference that was hosted at the Gwinnett Center. As I walked into the restaurant I really liked the décor. The inside is very modern in style, with the colour theme being white and orange, it is a great look. I was greeted as soon as I sat down and was brought water. To drink I had the Mango Lassi, which is extremely good and was topped with Spanish saffron to give it a beautiful presentation as well as some great flavour. My bread of choice was the Garlic Naan and my entrée was the Lamb Saag. The basmati rice that comes with the Saag is excellent, I could taste the saffron in it was well. The Saag was cooked perfectly, the lamb was very tender and the meat was all very lean. I am a huge fan of Lamb Saag, but it is so difficult to find, as usually it can only be found by Indian restaurants that cook the northern Indian cuisine.I was very pleased with the service here, the staff is extremely friendly and are open to questions. I'd definitely highly recommend Currylicious to anyone who loves athletic Indian food and that appreciates fantastic service. From the moment I talked to the staff here, I could tell they were really passionate about offering good food and providing good service. I'll be back.Just as a side note: The inside of this is quite large, they can host big parties as well and they take Discover and Amex.[Review #281] (Forty First Review of 2015)


Saughat C.

I will have to admit that the reviews for this place is a bit over hyped and definitely not  close enough to what they claim to serve. Someone mentioned in their reviews that the preparation are similar to Bombay Street food. Well my friends if you have ever been to Mumbai this restaurant is going to disappoint you. I am tempted to return and select their few other non vegetarian dishes, but that happening sometime soon is impossible.This is an about average Indian restaurant and below par from my expectations. Its a bit expensive. A small cup of Raita is and I was not able to tell if it was raita or a salad cup with yogurtOne very important note for next time goers. The owners are not to keen on receiving your honest feedback if one of the dish is bad, so share at your own risk. You will see that their behavior changes drastically.One dish called as  "Cauliflower 65".. Beware of this.. I have never tasted such horrible recipe with cauliflower. My friend felt it too tangy and for me it was a sugar syrup dishOverall rating it 2 for its over priced bread, average food compared to the multitude of options I have in Duluth.PS: