Tomato bruschetta with goat's brie and chorizo ​​chip

The delicious, spicy nibbles that I've been using for some time now A side dish of corn soup with lemongrass served today in the new edition with better photos. The basic recipe can be easily varied with different cheeses and/or herbs. The chorizo ​​chip can be replaced with ham, bacon or roast leftovers.

Here's how it works:

2- 3 ripe tomatoes cut into columns and remove the soft interior and cores. Cut into small cubes and mix with salt and pepper and some olive oil .
Chorizo ​​ (spanish pepper sausage) fry in thin slices in a pan. No additional grease is necessary. My organic tavern around the corner has some great packaged chorizo ​​in the sausage rack.

1 baguette or slice bread of your choice.

Toasting or, even better, overflashing with the Flambé burner , This gives a nice barbecue flavor.

The Arrange the tomato cubes on the slices of bread, cover with 1 piece of Ziegebrie (milder) or goat's roll (more spicy) and let it roast in the oven under the grill.
Place the chorizo ​​chip and decorate with herbs or vegetable cubes .

Juicy, savory, spicy ... great.