Children's plate: Pasta with egg and creamed spinach

Children's Plate: Pasta Noodle with Egg and Spinach Today I'm torn between anticipation and melancholy. I'm going to travel tomorrow for a week. All alone. Without family attachment. To Münster. To my oldest friend Vivien. I can not believe it! Is not that incredible? A whole week (S-I-E-B-E-N days) just for me and Vivi. We'll probably drink tons of Prosecco (of the good) and either walk with their dog through woods and fields or lazily lying around in the garden. Of course we will sleep well for a long time and good, no, very good! eat. I'm so curious to see her new house and - who knows - maybe we'll manage to make some bars or clubs unsafe at the weekend. Or to look at exhibitions. I have seldom had so much time for myself in recent years. I'm really excited. On the one hand.

Hereby I would like to officially quote the motto of a column in a popular German women's magazine: "If only the other hand would not be ...".

On the other hand, of course, I will miss my loved ones. After a stubborn phase (which, of course, had to reach its peak when my mother was visiting), the child is quite adorable. At the moment it is sitting on the balcony with dad and the two paint together on a picture. The child calls Papa a great artist all the time, because he manages to paint the given lines of the coloring page NOT with the felt-tip pen. This is so cute. How am I supposed to do without the two for a week? Here are the last, together spent holidays through my mind: Prerow with grandma Bremen, Greece at Aunt Zaziki, Athens, Kolonaki, the delightful island of Hydra, the laceration on the forehead, which had to be sewn with 5 stitches .... Oh - what was it nice? And also exhausting.

Yeah, but: I'm really looking forward to my week.

Before Mama jumps on the train, here comes a little dish that pleases the child a lot knew. Of course, it is again a variation of the usual favorite foods: egg and pasta with the mandatory vegetable content. Combined and exciting, this plate makes every cheeseburger fierce competition:

Children's plate: Pasta with egg and creamed spinach

Here's how it works:

40g spaghetti Cook in salted water and drain. Place 150g of creamed spinach in a small saucepan and let it melt over medium heat, then bring to a boil, stirring once. Put a coated pan on medium heat and put in a round serving ring . Around is always great with the child. Put a few drops of olive oil into the ring and place the spaghetti in a circle. Then place an egg on top of the spaghetti and swing the pan so that the egg whites spread evenly. Season with salt and let it stand. (If you season the egg with salt after roasting, the yolk will not get those white spots, which is nicer for the photo - but you may bite on the salt crystals.)

If the egg is is fixed, the noodle nest with a small knife from the ring solve. Put the spinach on a plate and place the noodle nest in the middle. I added some chips Parmesan to it.

The child was thrilled. Mamma's arrangement was very interesting and was received joyfully, but of course decomposed into fork-compatible pieces in the null commanix.