Green Allerlei

Greenery | A simple and exciting alternative to the usual vegetable side dishes:

Wash green vegetables of your choice (eg broccoli, green beans, peas or whatever you like), clean them and cook until crisp in boiling salted water.
The "bite festival" really pays off - and that works best in the first place Put the larger and harder vegetables in the boiling water. After a few minutes, the smaller and softer and finally very delicate, such as Peas. Here - as with pasta - at the end of the cooking time to try again and again. If the vegetables are soft, but resist a bit when biting off, drain and place in a bowl. Now you can marvel at the great green color.

Mix a dressing with 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp white wine vinegar, a clove of garlic, a small piece of onion and salt and pepper (with the blender or in Mr. Magic ) and put on the warm vegetables.

Goes well with meat or fish and turns cold to green Anitpasti.