Ice cream cake of limes and cantuccini

Lime and Cantuccini Ice Cream Pie Since Lime Semifreddo blew us away (fast, easy, and deliciously delicious), it is now high on the hit list of desserts. And what's so good, you have to do more often.

Today were allowed to play for a change times limes and Cantuccini. I also wanted to give the whole thing a slightly more exciting shape. A Tupper box funtkioniert Although great - but there must still be room to the top? After a short and intensive rummaging in the kitchen shelf, I also found the solution for the feet in the truest sense of the word: a small pop-up silicone mold from RICE. At the time I just had to have them - because she is pink and great and I am just a girl. After a long wait on my shelf, the little pink RICE has finally found her destiny: she has become an ice cream pie.

Ice cream cake of limes and cantuccini

Here's the recipe for icecream with limes and catuccini:

Mix 1 can of milkmaid (sweetened condensed milk) with the attrition and juice of 8 very juicy limes . It should be about 180 ml of juice. If the limes are not enough, just top up with a little lemon juice. Beat 1 cup of cream and fold in.

200 g of Cantuccini crumble.

The cream mixture and the biscuit crumbs alternately into a single mold (or just a Tupperdose) layers. Put in the freezer for at least 5 hours until everything is frozen.

Remove from the freezer before serving and cook for a few minutes. Peel off the silicone mold ... and be amazed.