Quick pasta with peas and sage

Fast pasta with peas and sage GourmetGuerilla.de The man had an appointment with an old friend tonight. So I had virtually storm-free room (in addition to the children's service). When the child had fallen asleep peacefully, I hurried into the kitchen and made a small experimental pasta from the frozen supplies and the herbal stuff on the windowsill.

I really enjoyed her a glass of rosé. I really like these essential oils of fresh herbs. For this I watched some TV show with Carmen Nebel, in which Nana Mouskouri performed with her white roses. Did you know that Nana is one of the most highly decorated and very serious artists because of her vocal and musical talents? She is the world's most successful singer after Madonna (sic!). Nothing but great hits and all that.

But back to dinner:

Quick pasta with peas and sage

The recipe:

80g pasta salted water


While the pasta is cooking, 100 g frozen cream spinach in a saucepan Melt over medium heat and season with salt , pepper , a strong pinch of chilli and 1 chopped garlic clove . Simmer gently for 3 minutes.

Add 100 g of frozen peas to the spinach and simmer. Cut 1 tomato into cubes and place in the sauce with 4-5 chopped fresh sage leaves . Let everything rest for 2 minutes. Then drain the noodles, arrange on a plate and pour over the sauce.


Quick pasta with peas and sage