Smoked eggplant cream

Smoked eggplant cream | I'm an impatient being by nature. I am always very grumpy and impatient when it comes to grilling. The time until the coals have properly burned out always seems endless to me. And at some point I let myself be carried away to throw a few innocent sausages on the grill much too early. The come then pretty quickly outside totally verkokelt and inside still pretty raw back to me. A really sad sight!

Now I've discovered the perfect pause filler for the impatient: as soon as the unhealthy grill lighter is burnt, whole eggplants come on the grid. These are turned at regular intervals and so roasted gradually around. That takes about 15 - 20 minutes. The strong heat causes the skin to shrivel from the outside - the inside of the aubergine is deliciously cooked in its own juice and also receives an irresistible smoked flavor. Towards the end of the roasting, the shell bursts and small smoke fountains rise from the eggplant meat. Then take the aubergines off the grill.

Now the coals have been burned out and ready for the actual grilled food.
And we make a fantastic dip from the eggplants in the meantime ...

Here's how it works:

Scrape the soft interior of 2 roasted Aberginen with a spoon (Be careful!) And drain in a sieve for a few minutes and allow to cool. Possibly. In addition, use a spoon to squeeze out the leaking liquid.

Pour the drained pulp into a tall beaker or blender and add salt and pepper , a splash lemon juice , 1 tablespoon Tahin (sesame paste), 1 tablespoon creme fraiche or sour cream (vegans take soy cream ) and with Chilli powder to taste. If you like, add fresh cilantro or parsley .

Puree to a smooth paste and pour into a pretty bowl. With a good shot olive oil (the good, ne) drizzle and garnish with herbs.

Fabulous tasty to flatbread (or any other bread), vegetables and grilled tofu or meat/p>

Smoked eggplant cream