Spicy tofu with vegetable spinach, tomatoes and yellow lentils

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For blog readers: This blog is not for nothing the subtitle "My 3rd Place": Cooking relaxes me immensely and the kitchen is my sanctuary for the permanent preservation of my mental health. Let's just see how it is. At the end of a long day with a job, a family and all the small and big challenges, I am not short of madness, but in the kitchen and prutschele there beautiful things. Things that look nice, taste good, and give me the feeling that I've made something productive, tangible, and positive. While others are still running fast 10 kilometers, I'm just making Parmesan baskets with great satisfaction.

Sometimes, but only sometimes, cooking also means stress for me. Then I stand there, I am nagging, beating my hair and wondering: "What the hell am I supposed to cook?" The otherwise most exciting question of the evening suddenly presents me with an unsolvable task. Especially if your own Mütterlein who lives in the Ruhr area has announced to visit the weekend in Hamburg. Since you have told in detail of your own blog and the passion for cooking. And suddenly, all the great ideas that have been developed casually over the course of weeks are blown away. The greatest recipes in the relevant magazines, which have elicited a few sighs of delight one last weekend, suddenly appear colorless and unblemished. A classic fit of performance stress. The mother is not demanding and is not a super cook herself. Would I serve a liver sausage casserole with a gürkchen, that would be perfect for the little mother. I have no idea what drives me to keep creating new menu sequences, just a short time later, unnerved and frustrated to crumple up the grocery list and dramatically exclaim, "I have nothing to cook!" Strange - in front of the closet that only happens to me very, very rarely .

Of course, everything always goes well. Sometimes the man sprints to the Thai snack and imports delicious coconut soup. Sometimes a small package from the dry stock falls to my feet and the perfect cooking idea was born spontaneously.

Now you're wondering why I'm telling all this. The answer: Because this very wonderful recipe is about this, from just such a "I have nothing to the cooking situation" emerged. In fact, with my mom, I spent so much time in the photography department at Saturn choosing a tripod (finally!) That we did not have time to go grocery shopping. I do not want to exclude the fact that I have unconsciously delayed shopping a bit because of acute lack of ideas. In any case, the countries had to and I bought nothing (except a Manfrotto MK394-PQ).

So I have all the ingredients that were still in the fridge - because really, really empty is actually never - put on the table and think about what can be made of it. And after the old Kochduell principle, then something really delicious has emerged. Finally, I was very happy with our improvised meal in small, colorful bowls and pimped up with some deco trimmings - and no longer nagging.

Vegetable Spinach
Wash 1 large zucchini and cut into bite sized cubes. Peel off 2 red onions and cut into thin slices. 1 large garlic clove peel and also cut into slices.Season strongly with salt and pepper . Add 1 packet of frozen spinach and stir well. 1/2 cup cream (or soy cream as a vegan alternative) and simmer on low heat until the spinach is cooked. Slice 2 not too ripe tomatoes , add to spinach and heat.

Spicy Tofu
While the vegetable spinach is nagging, dry 1 packet of tofu well with kitchen paper and cut into cubes. In another pan, heat a little Olive oil , place the tofu cubes in the pan and fry until the bottom is nicely browned. Slice 1 chili pepper into thin rings and add to the pan. Then turn the cubes and continue to fry until all sides have a delicious crust. Season with salt yellow lentils
100g yellow Put the lentils in a colander and wash under running water to prevent foaming when cooking. Drain and place in a pot of cold water without salt. If you like you can also add some fresh ginger . Bring to a boil and (depending on the variety) simmer for 15 minutes. The lenses should be soft, but not to cook. Drain off excess water and season the lentils with salt .

Spicy tofu with vegetable spinach, tomatoes and yellow lentils

The vegetable spinach , the crispy tofu cubes and the lenses are best served separately in bowls, then everyone can help themselves. From Indian food: freshly cut onion rings as a spicy topping to offer.